Light and Love 4

Day 4

If someone decides to call me a “man” today, I wouldn’t be offended because I’m not a man. I might either laugh it off or ask myself why I was called a man, which could be attached to many reasons. It might be based on how I dress, or talk, or what he understands a man to be, or his mood, or his “interpretation” of my actions. Whatever the reason, it shouldn’t get me offended.
If it’s an insult, and you know you don’t fit into the characteristic, don’t feel bad.
If you know you fit into that characteristic and it’s probably a flaw, as long as you’ve accepted and loved yourself, you’ll be committed to becoming a better person and such a word wouldn’t pull down you.
When you understand who you are in Christ, you wouldn’t begin to believe the lies the devil throws to your face and it wouldn’t get you down or depressed.
The only way you’d get down or depressed is if you begin to believe and agree with whatever the devil says about you.
Discover who you are, accept your flaws, love yourself despite those flaws and be intentional about being a better person with the help of the HolySpirit and no one can make you feel inferior or less of yourself

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