Little did I know

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– December 24, 2017

Every unary day of my life;

I spent it as a thrall.

Slavery, that’s what it’s called, right?

Well, call it anything you want;

I guess I was blinded with the normality.

News was that we were paying some debt.

Debts some anon parents made.

But wasn’t there satisfaction from the labour spent?

Surmises spoke loudly about a particular Prince,

Said he was coming to fight for us.

With his last sweat, abolish slave practice.

Hope regained stand in the people’s hearts.

Still, I was blinded with the normality.

What’s the big fuss here? I mean,

It’s normal and sensible to pay debts.

But was paying incessant anonymous debts sane?

The arrival of the prince was a still one,

But folks said there was a sign in the sky.

Expectations began to rise above measures.

Okay, no time to waste, pursue your mission!

Instead, prince charming began making friends,

Bragging a lot about the norms of his town.

Anger surged through me like slavery had through my years.

Why did he just come to raise some futile hope?

Writing this just reminds the tears to keep flowing.

So much emotions that can’t be harnessed

I didn’t get the chance to say “I love you too”.

He sacrificed himself so we could be emancipated;

Freed from some anon cumulus debt.

Oh! Little did I know,

That your birth was purposed towards death

A death hatched out of love.

Happy Birthday to the man who was born to die for me.

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