Love is Blind

Twitter folks be wilding recently and sometimes, I laugh and wonder at the vast diversity in people’s perspectives and opinions. A huge percentage of what I put on this blog is my own opinion. It might be a fact, or how I think things should be, but it remains what it is – my opinion and perspective. Today, I’m going to be sharing another one of my opinions.

Love is blind, actually…
I’ve triggered contradictions, yeah?😁
Growing up, this used to be a topic for debate. Is love blind or not? You would have people explain why love is blind and the opposite side explain why you should “open your eyes”
So, where does Twitter come in here? The idea of cooking and financial ability being a factor to love/marriage has always been a topic.
“If you want to employ a cook (or a house maid), then what will you be doing in the marriage? (😩😂😂)

“Nobody is complaining about you not cooking for your husband but if he begins to cheat on you, don’t complain too. Remember, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

“If you don’t earn up to ₦300,000 monthly as a man, I can’t marry you” (🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️)

“A lady has a tendency to leave her husband when he begins to have financial issues”

…and many more funny takes
Do people think like this? Yes
Does this actually happen? Yes
Was/Is this love? No
Because true love is not based on factors
You like because…, You love despite…
Just like my favourite female Nigerian artist, Simi, sang, “Love don’t care🎶”

When you love someone, you will know their flaws and get ready to put up with them by being blind to them. It’s good to desire good things; a tall, dark man, a lady with assetsss🤭, a man with ca$$$hhh😁, a domestic woman, but if you “fall in love” with someone who doesn’t have the qualities, that shouldn’t make you lose interest. If you do, then it wasn’t love in the first place because true love is not based on factors. Hinging love on factors is the reason we have so many broken marriages today.

If you truly love that person, you will seek for the growth of him/her and help them through that “thing” you don’t like. Love is not a sport of Who Gets The Most

We need to change this mentality that world people have made “the norm”

In my opinion, true love is blind

What’s your opinion about love?

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8 thoughts on “Love is Blind”

  1. True talk! Being blinded by love, however, is not automatic, but a decision, a choice. That’s why this kind of love is not based on feelings.

  2. I had a conversation with someone about this, this morning. And I’m a firm believer in love being blind. We can do a lot of talking about how love isn’t blind until we fall in love. 😂

    1. Exactly
      It’s really a debatable topic till we actually fall in love.
      Imagine saying you want a dark-skinned guy and you fall in love with a light-skinned guy, you’ll be like, “Who dark skin epp?”🤭😂😂
      Thing is, we “choose” to be blind because of love. So with love in the picture, we’re actually blind.

  3. Genuine Love is truly blind, you’d do what you wouldn’t have done on a norm and still feel at peace.
    Sincerely I can relate to all of this, because I am presently on my sojourn to attaining a feat, all on this pedestal of blind love. And I don’t care, how long it takes😍

  4. I do not know if love is actually blind but I know it’s as much a decision as it is a feeling.

    Like you pointed earlier, one loves despite…. it’s a decision to want to do that and when you don’t want to, is it now termed as hate?

    1. I don’t think it’s termed as hate, but it might not have been as deep as love. Choosing to love despite the presence of an unfavourable factor means choosing to be blind to that thing and that is love- being blind to unfavourable factors.
      When you choose not to love “because” of that factor, then it isn’t love. It might have been you “liking” the person, because love defies conditions.

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