“Dr. Njideka! Chai!!!”. Mrs Njideka stamped her feet on the ground one after the other and put her hands inbetween her wrapper.
“Papa Chidi…….. You needed to see how she pronounced my name-uu”. She frowned and shook her head.
“Duuurrc-tuurr Njideka”. She sat up straight and pushed a mock glasses down her nose, pretending to be the principal.
“Hmmm, Mama Chidi, It is well…” Papa Chidi looked up and frowned.
“It is so embarrassing. Everybody that has come to discuss with me emphasized on the fact that I was a Ph.D holder. What have we not done for Chidi? Ehnm?” She raised her hands and slammed them on her thighs
“Look at all his siblings, all at the top of their classes! Now, if he doesn’t perform well this term, Amy will just be one year behind him. Small Amy oo!”.
“Papa Chidi, let’s just look for something Chidi will learn because I’m tired, ehn, I’m tired!!”
“Haba! Mama Chidi, you can’t think like that. We can only hope and pra…..”
“Gini? So the one we’ve been doing is what? Hope and sing? See, I’ll stop giving him food in the night until he proves that the money spent on his ed-cation is not wasting”
“Mama Chidi calm down, o?” He put his hand on her shoulder. “I was speaking to a friend of mine and he suggested that we should just attach a ‘little something’ to the end of every term. You know children like gifts. If he scores well every term, we will give him gift”
“Hmmm”. Mrs Njideka, pensive. “If you say so….. I hope it works”.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Wanna know, right?
Chidi started passing oo
Why won’t he start passing? Mtcheww
Children of Nowadays. SMH
Funny enough how many of us Christians are just like Chidi.
“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you, abi?” So the reason why you pray is because the money in your account isn’t enough to take care of you. Your clothes are worn out, you need new ones. Ha! That exam! Baba God.
The reason why you praise him and dance like David is because you just got the job. That bus that would’ve hit you didn’t. OK, that same exam, you passed, shey?
The reason why you cry during worship is because you hear, “Let’s begin to thank God for his goodness, his faithfulness upon our lives…….” Then you remember when you were about to drink that garri and someone came to offer you rice.
Now pause..
How many of us Pray, Praise and Cry because of His genuine love?
OK, that exam, what if you didn’t pass? Would you still dance because you know He still loves you anyways?
That garri, you still drank it. When Mrs. Worship leader is telling you to thank God for his faithfulness, would you still cry because you can’t imagine how he gave himself for you?
Mr Job seeker, you haven’t been accepted after how many trials. Would you still be able to look up and say, “God, I love you back”?
Many of us are like Chidi because if there were no benefits in serving God, we’d have opted out (even if the whole hosts of heaven comes to die for you 100 times) . The bible says, “seek ye first the kingdom of God and………” and not, “seek ye first the kingdom of God because all other things shall be added to you”. No!
The Shunnamite woman had no son, yet, she had so much regards for God that she took care of Elisha. Not because of the son ish. Infact, it wasn’t even in her mind to ask for a child. Her regard for God was all that mattered.
Think about it
Why are you serving God?
Why do you praise Him?
God is telling you not to worry about your needs, he’ll supply them. But is that your main reason for holding on? What if you don’t have anything? Would you still love Him back?
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