My funeral; I write

Day 46
Dear Diary,
It seems like everyone’s all dressed up
In different uniforms, some with matching shoes and clutch
Are they all beautified because they cherished me?
These attires look like ‘understatement’ would fit for ‘expensive’.
I’m wondering if I missed out on some treasure hunts in my counted days of life.
It might have to answer the question that the absence of money was a lie.

I hear my children say they want to give me a befitting burial.
I’m not an ingrate, but I’d have preferred this display for a befitting life.
The arranged tables and food combos would have fit nicer on my dinning table.
Oh, I would save them the trouble of saying they weren’t able.
Let’s not forget about the testimonies of things I didn’t do,
And let’s also ignore those who dressed up for the rice and stew.
I’m not implying that funeral services are strange to me,
I just never saw them from this point of view.

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