That’s how I looked at myself.

I could point out a lot of flaws in 1 minute, but struggle to tell you something good about myself. This little act tampered with my self esteem while growing up. So yes, you’d go through my blog and see how much I talk about loving yourself despite your flaws. I want you to understand that I say this because I am a survivor of self hate. It’s easy to hate yourself but it’s also extremely terrible. And no, I’m not asking you to be egoistic, selfish or to place yourself above God. I’m just saying “Love your imperfect self because you can never be perfect”. When the Bible tells us to work on ourselves towards perfection, I don’t think it talks about actions; I think it’s more about love. When you love yourself without condition, it is easier to smile at an unfavorable situation with patience and understanding than with disgust. Love makes all things perfect. We’re also supposed to love others “as we love ourselves”, so how do we smile through someone’s flaws when we haven’t smiled at ours? Personally I’d say it’s unpleasing to God to not love yourself unconditionally.


where you see the negatives more than the positives?

This is the solution I designed for myself — Think more about the positives. Recognize and appreciate them; and don’t feel shy about it. You might be a deep thinker like I am, who has an eye for everything. So, you need to deliberately bring the positives to the surface. The truth is, in this present time, bad stories look more enticing. The media has painted good stories to look boring, that’s why you might not want to think about the good stuff in you.

You’re not a bad person

Read that again
Read it again with a smile on your face.

I want to appreciate everyone that wished me well and said beautiful things on my birthday. Thank you for making me deliberately think about the positives. Thank you for reminding me that I am a good person. Thank you for reminding me that I inspire you. I’ll hold on to those words, especially on days the negatives get highlighted in bold. On days when I think I am an unachieving young lady, I’d remember that I’ve touched hundreds of lives and by this time next year, I want it to reach thousands. I’m glad to be that small-sized individual who is big on the inside— you reminded me too. Thank you very much.

Have a nice life.

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    1. Wow, I think this came handy at a time I’m feeling bad at myself…Thank you, may you continue to grow in God’s wisdom.

  1. As someone who also writes, there’s no greater joy than seeing your brainchild put a smile on faces even if it’s just one person. Without a doubt, you’ve really done that today, with this article. Our self esteem takes shots fired from different angles of life and most times we ask ourselves, “am I worth it?”. Thank you once again for reminding us that we are worth it. We are good people. Thank you Ronnie 👍

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