New year: Resolutions

Some people feel it’s childish to make new year resolutions. Infact, it is now in vogue to slam people that make new year resolutions just because “we all know they wouldn’t live up to that”. I’m sorry to break your heart, but I’ll confidently make my new year resolutions, not caring about “not meeting up”, because I’ll rather fail trying than not even trying at all. There are greater chances of winning when you try, but how can you win when you’ve not even tried at all? The worst thing you can do to yourself is decide not to plan for the year because you’re scared your friends would laugh at you or think you’re backward.

The truth is, you’d hear a lot of people try to make you understand that those plans aren’t realistic, but I’ll tell you a greater truth; “realism is the best way of drowning in mediocrity”. Basketball players don’t sit at the middle of the pitch to throw the ball into the basket. First, they believe they can dribble the other players {which is actually very optimistic}, get to the basket, aim for the height and shoot. These steps aren’t taken mistakenly. A realist would rather sit and try to count the reasons why he wouldn’t be able to get past the other players in the first place {judging from physical appearances}. There’s no harm in being optimistic. Optimism gives you a greater view of something you wouldn’t even think you can achieve, judging from what you see. If you want aim higher, you need to be optimistic. You need to stop judging based on what you see.

I’ve seen people fall mistakenly, but I’m yet to see someone climb up mistakenly. Success is never a mistake. When people don’t make plans, they end up taking anything that comes their way. At the end of the year, you would see that they wouldn’t be able to account for the year far spent. Time is the true measure of value, spend it wisely.

Making resolutions doesn’t make you a new person, it just helps you on your decision to do better and prevent making the same mistakes. You can’t also make a resolution you already achieved last year, you can only aim higher. You wouldn’t say; “I want to hit my first million this year”, when you already made millions last year {it wouldn’t even make any sense}. Your resolutions have to be sensible and easily relatable by yourself.

You can’t stumble into success, you have to plan your way into success, and work towards it. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t meet up in 2018, you didn’t fail. You only fail when you decide to stop trying. The fact that you want to try again this year puts you on a potential pathway to success. Success is for planners, don’t fail to plan. Don’t also let what people say affect your drive towards success. This year should end on a good note. Much love

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