Nigeria and I: Is this still us?

I wrote this a couple of months ago and I’m wondering if I can still stand by my own words. Situations are discouraging and pushy. So I asked myself; “Dear Father land, is this still us? Is this still my resolve?”

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Everyone wants to be in a safe place, with a comfortable lifestyle and we all deserve to have that kind of life. But the truth is, not everyone gets what they deserve. Sometimes, it’s not really because of anything you’ve done, it’s just life.
I can’t brag about how much of experience I have in my relationship with Nigeria, all I know is that I landed here from my mother’s womb. They called it citizenship, I call it fate, the kind of fate you have no choice but to accept. I live my everyday life hearing grumbles here and there about how bad this country is and to be honest, I can’t talk any differently, because I feel we all deserve better. Many have resorted to ‘find a way to leave the country’, while some have decided to bend the direction of the wind.

I hear people say they want to be politicians and I can also bet why. Everyone wants to have a share of what they should normally have. It’s sad, because we can’t keep doing it the wrong way. But this isn’t really about money, is it? People are just so concerned about money, but there’s a lot more than getting money. Our economy is a weeping old lady, wailing and seeking for help. Oh! That one heart cares about her and help her regain strength to stand on her feet again. Our educational system seems to be reducing to naught. “Why am I in school?” I ask myself, if I my certificate is just another paper I’d use to fan myself while waiting to be attended to in an office where I’d still get rejected. No wonder people don’t care about the weeping old woman. Hunger is beginning to fuel insanity!

I am young and assumed to be naive, but with the little I know, I’d rather stay here and swallow everything than to go to a country where I’d be looked down on, because of the state of my country. So, this is my resolve; not only for my sake, but for the sake of our children that don’t deserve this kind of life, I pledge to make a difference in this nation. I don’t know how and I honestly care little, but all I need is a voice and people who have similar drive. Nigeria and I didn’t start on a good note, but I’ll fight with my last drop of sweat for the climax to be blissful, because citizens are loyal. At the end of the day, being a ‘Nigerian’ is not just about being born and raised here, it’s more about what part you’re adding to the nation.

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2 thoughts on “Nigeria and I: Is this still us?”

  1. Bukola Onyekwelu

    Nigeria, oh! my country! I pray that your young ones will, with the same mindset, arise to make their mark in you.

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