Give Him your Drink

Updated from – November 09, 2017 Have you ever been so thirsty, like soooo thirsty, and you need something to drink? That was the case with this Samaritan woman in John 4(the main ref is verse 7). She had drinksssss, name it! Champagne, Vodka, Whiskey and the likes. For those of us that are quick …

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Pressure: A Cloying setoff

Updated from – November 09, 2017 Sweet to the tongue, a very lingering taste. It gets to its destination and it feels like it’s all you’d ever want. Makes you get unaddicted to every other thing you’ve once embraced.  But what can you say? It’s selfless aim satisfies the very core of your tongue. Seems …

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Love. Grace. Mystery

Updated from – November 09, 2017 I had a very wonderful start this morning and I decided to share it. I was singing this morning, called it worshipping though. Then at some point, I figured I wasn’t concentrating. Well, I continued. At some point again, I stopped. “Chisom, what exactly dyu want to focus on?”. …

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Updated from – September 14, 2017 “Dr. Njideka! Chai!!!”. Mrs Njideka stamped her feet on the ground one after the other and put her hands inbetween her wrapper. “Papa Chidi…….. You needed to see how she pronounced my name-uu”. She frowned and shook her head. “Duuurrc-tuurr Njideka”. She sat up straight and pushed a mock …

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