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April Full

Every first day of the month of April is popularly known as April Fool’s day when a lot of tricks are played on people, all in the name of trying to fool them. Actually, I’ve decided to rephrase mine as “April Full day”. As we step into a new month, the glorious month of April, let’s speak positive words of […]


Diamond Equivalent

When the knowledge of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable….. Unknown I need to meet those who first discovered diamonds. “How did it feel like?” I need to ask. They must’ve thought they found broken pieces Of glass someone must have shattered. They might have also said it was a waste To keep to themselves, a glass that […]


Reconciliation story

Gloria was synonymous to “perfect”. Everyone admired her and wanted to be like her. Was it her dress sense, so virtuous and decent, or her promptness to the work of God? She was every guy’s dream wife, even the unbelievers wanted to be with her. She was meek, courteous, brilliant and respectful. Oh! The Operator was skillful in His work. […]


Nigeria and I: Is this still us?

I wrote this a couple of months ago and I’m wondering if I can still stand by my own words. Situations are discouraging and pushy. So I asked myself; “Dear Father land, is this still us? Is this still my resolve?” Read below: Everyone wants to be in a safe place, with a comfortable lifestyle and we all deserve to […]


I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK: A short story (My own version)

Gracey sat on her wheelchair, in front of the black and white television. Neil said he wasn’t ready to get a coloured one yet. She was smiling so hard she didn’t know when a tear dropped to her cheeks. That was her dream! She remembered meeting Neil at an astronomy conference during their college days at Harvard. They bumped into […]


My funeral; I write

Day 46 Dear Diary, It seems like everyone’s all dressed up In different uniforms, some with matching shoes and clutch Are they all beautified because they cherished me? These attires look like ‘understatement’ would fit for ‘expensive’. I’m wondering if I missed out on some treasure hunts in my counted days of life. It might have to answer the question […]


New year: Resolutions

Some people feel it’s childish to make new year resolutions. Infact, it is now in vogue to slam people that make new year resolutions just because “we all know they wouldn’t live up to that”. I’m sorry to break your heart, but I’ll confidently make my new year resolutions, not caring about “not meeting up”, because I’ll rather fail trying […]


Baking without baking powder??😮

Have you ever been getting prepared for something, tried to get all things necessary, then when you start whatever you want to do, you realize something important was left out?? That’s exactly what happened to me today. I was baking a cake, I had mixed all the ingredients to the point where I was to add baking powder and I […]


December Air

It’s a new month, as we all know, but this isn’t just another month. I’d say it’s the most anticipated month of the year. A month filled with end-of-year celebrations, journeys, people in the village start expecting their family members, students in school get to enjoy a nice holiday with families, we get to eat the best meals (especially homes […]


The race for the better

In a relay race, if the fastest person amongst all the groups have team members who can’t run fast, his/her team will never make it first in the competition. Other teams that have average runners woul even beat them. Retirement and handing over are two very common and important things practiced amongst we humans. I mean, who wants to see […]