Pressure: A Cloying setoff

Sweet to the tongue, a very lingering taste.
It gets to its destination and it feels like it’s all you’d ever want.
Makes you get unaddicted to every other thing you’ve once embraced. 
But what can you say? It’s selfless aim satisfies the very core of your tongue.
Seems to be the sweetest buddy I’ve ever known, exhibited into different forms,
Forever undergoing development, can never go extinct.
The more reason why I don’t care about the others.
I mean, my buddy is here to stay forever.
Oh suuuggar, why??
Turned out you weren’t selfless at all.
You were so selfish you didn’t want to share me with anyone,
Not even with the owner of the tongue.
Now, I’m wrapped in your diabetic arms.
I seem to want to trace my way back to “others”,
But my footprints have all faded away.
“No more carbs!” An angelic man in white said.
Sweet sugar; the only buddy I have left, deep in the streams of my blood.
Pressure! That’s all that’s left.
Scales reading high, I’m drowning in its surplusness.
Then I wished. But that’s all; wishes in their richness.
Peer pressure
It makes you feel good, important. I mean, the fine and most popular girls are coming around, sweet! Or that fine guy has started giving you so much attention. All these happen and you forget your friends that always stood by you because “levels have changed oo”. You forget the solid food that you’re meant to be eating, you ditch that for junks, sweet sugar! All those background stuffs your parents trained you with, you ditch that for what? Peers? Sugar! You know, peer pressure is always very sweet at the beginning. It doesn’t sound as bad as your parents put it. You know why? Sugar doesn’t push the scales up at the beginning, it keeps you clueless at the beginning, all you know is sweetness, till the end, when the scales just shoot suddenly. Peer pressure isn’t peer pressure at the beginning. It is all peers, not pressure, all you see is people, “friends”, “O.M.G, I’m soaked in love”, until the scales shoot up, High pressure! Then you can’t trace your footprints, cos you’re lost in pressure, wishing you knew. Sugar pressure influences your system and changes your day to day way of life. Peer pressure does so too.
Choose your friends wisely. Don’t forsake the teachings of our elderly people. They already gave us criteria in choosing our friends. Influence from friends goes a loonngg way, choose the right friends.
God bless you
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