Reconciliation story

Gloria was synonymous to “perfect”. Everyone admired her and wanted to be like her. Was it her dress sense, so virtuous and decent, or her promptness to the work of God? She was every guy’s dream wife, even the unbelievers wanted to be with her. She was meek, courteous, brilliant and respectful. Oh! The Operator was skillful in His work. She was the most loved church girl, joining in prayers to a God she didn’t know and reading and explaining the Letters of the Word with human wisdom. During the day, she the pious church girl, and at night, she shared a bed with someone who hadn’t put a ring on her finger.
The Operator was glad the tracker was still in her body. He watched her every day from His screen. He was almost tempted to conclude making her was a waste of resources, because she hadn’t even achieved one reason she was made for. Just one! Every single day passed with Him giving the excuse that she was still young and had enough years ahead to fulfill purpose. He looked at the screen again. All He needed to do was press just one button, and she would be gone, but He loved her!! He wept.
Gloria was very influential. Of course, that was who she was made to be! But there was something wrong with her influence. What way was she leading all her admirers to? The Operator was very skilled at His work, but He took His time operating on Gloria; everyone wondered why. It only pained Him to see His hard spent effort believe the lies of a riff-raft. She was becoming a bag full of lies and beginning to look dirty to Him. He stared at His screen. No! He was never going to let this happen. He summoned for Gloria.
“Take a sit” He gestured to the sit opposite Him. “See, I understand I promised to let you do whatever you wanted to do, but I might have to interfere at this point.”
Gloria stared at her feet.
“So you know? You know how much you’ve hurt me, after how much love I showed you? I assured you every day. Every single day! And you still had the mind to allow that nonentity control you? Even when you know how much I love you?”
“I don’t!” Gloria screamed with tears in her eyes. “I don’t know anything! I tried. I tried. I tried. I don’t know what’s happening. Every day, you keep telling I’m strong, capable, loved and gifted, but I hear and see differently. I see myself as a nobody, unloved, empty and inferior”
“That’s because you chose to listen to the deceiver. I can’t believe you did that. He’s not worth giving your ears to. He has nothing to offer. He doesn’t give, but takes. You let Him take you around in circles with chains”
Gloria was crying helplessly now. It seems all her actions of trying to please the Operator were in vain and yes; she had been living in bondage. She needed help.
“Hey babe” He lifted up her chin. “I didn’t call you here to accuse and condemn you. I made you for a purpose, one of greatest purpose, to beautify me, make my name glorious and you’re going to fulfill that purpose. “I love you and that’s all I know how to do, to love”. “Come with me”.

Everything required for the operation was set. Gloria was feeling a bit nervous as she climbed the bed. The Operator bent over her and said; “Now, this is going to cause a whole lot of pain. We’ll just be pulling out a few organs and we’re done”. Gloria didn’t know how to react. Was she to panic, or just remain quiet? She trusted the Operator and knew He was doing what was best for her, pain or no pain. She fell asleep.
Gloria woke up to the heavy noise around her and the sound of movements. They were transferring her somewhere else. What had happened? She felt so much pain, but it was something she had been orientated about. She paused on her thoughts. Did she just hear severe bleeding? The Operator walked up to her bed side. He exhaled. “We’ve tried everything we can to stop the bleeding. You’ve lost a lot of blood. I think the only option we have left is to let you die”
“What??!” She gasped in extreme pain. “I don’t understand! You said I was going to be fine”
“Sweetie” He tried to control His tears. “Remember the story of the Israelites that died as a result of being bitten by snakes, and God had to tell Moses to make a lifeless bronze snake, and everyone that looked at the snake lived?”
“I think I do”
“The only way you can live is by allowing yourself to be that lifeless snake, so you would be able to look at it and live”.
Gloria had started crying again. “Operator, none of these make sense! Can’t I just get someone to donate blood to me? You said it was going to be a simple operation! You said I was going to be fine!! What happens after I die? Tell me!!”
“I will give you a Spirit called Life, which you will have to survive on. You won’t need anyone to donate blood to you anymore, because this Spirit-fueled body requires no blood to survive”.
“What if it doesn’t work out? What if I remain dead?”
“In the realm of the Lifeless, death cannot hold us down!”
Gloria felt everything around her fade away. She didn’t know what her future held, but she lived her life, at least. She fought the good fight, like Paul. I mean, she knew she didn’t fight well, but she fought, isn’t that what mattered in the live she lived.
The Operator watched Gloria as she slept. The transformation had taken place and He had concluded that nothing was going to separate Gloria from Him. Was it sin, pain, or death? Nothi… She coughed and opened her eyes slightly. He quickly stood and came to her side. He bent over her and whispered; “Now that you have the Spirit, I have to warn you; don’t ever think of drinking responsibly. Irresponsible drinking is the way to live. Drink, merry, get drunk till you’re wasted and knocked out. That way, you would only be under the influence and control of the Spirit. This Spirit will help you do whatever I want you to do. I love you babe” He hugged her “Every day, every time, I want you to know that. If I loved you so much to pull you to back to myself when you were in bondage, how much more now when you have my Spirit?

Gloria walked absent-mindedly by the side of the road. She was at the verge of tears, but she didn’t want people asking why she was crying. She was free, free to live again, to love, say amen, lift her hands without having to look up to see the chains on her hands that gave her reasons to put them down. She was free to worship and have her worship accepted wholesomely. She could never be condemned by anyone! Condemnation is for those who still live the life she gave to death. To think she fought for her life, seeking help from humans. She sighed. To think she even asked for blood donation. How could she repay the Operator, the love of her life. She was free, free to be drunk.

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