Smoothie ideas you’ll love

Hey smoothie lovers; get in here, I have something for you. For those bored of making the same type of smoothies over and over again, struggling with smoothie creativity, I have decided to come up with smoothie ideas that I know you’ll love.

If you’re not so much of a smoothie person, hang in here, you might just love what you read and be moved to try it out. Who knows?

I’d like to start with healthy smoothie ideas

A combo of watermelon, banana, pineapple, pawpaw and apple should do. We take this a lot at home and it’s lovely. You can tweak it to combos like these:

  • Watermelon and pawpaw (Trust me, not my fav too, but we’re talking healthy, right?)
  • Banana, pineapple and pawpaw
  • Apple, banana and pawpaw
  • Orange, watermelon and banana
  • Pineapple and watermelon

My mum adds beetroot and cucumber sometimes (you can do this if you want extra healthy)

Healthy but a little sweet smoothies

This is for those torn between “the love of God and the world”😂😂
You can tweak your healthy smoothies with yoghurt (Hollandia or others) or sweetened milk (condensed or evaporated):

  • Pawpaw with Strawberry-flavoured yogurt (Don’t forget to refrigerate the yogurt before use)
  • Add banana to the above—ticket to extra heaven
  • Watermelon, banana and sweetened milk
  • Banana and yogurt (any flavour)
  • Apple, grape (if you don’t mind the seeds) and yoghurt

Smoothie ideas for enjoyment people

This category doesn’t care. We just want to enjoy ourselves and enjoyment it is! Let’s go:

  • Banana, apple, chocolate and yogurt
  • Watermelon, banana and groundnuts (fried)
  • Apple, grapes, chocolate and flavoured yogurt
  • Avocado, apple and Strawberry-flavoured yogurt
  • Banana, chocolate and sweetened milk
  • Pineapple, orange, groundnuts and sweetened milk
  • Pawpaw, apple, chocolate and yogurt

Okay! I think I’ve written enough for you to try out. What are other smoothie ideas you want people to know? Let’s know in the comments section

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