Storms will come

The past 3 days haven’t really been ‘bright’ days for me. I just lost someone and it tore me apart in very unexpected ways. It made me think about how many people I’ve lost between late last year and this year. They’re even more this year. Each time I’m faced with situations like this, it makes me think about the several questions in my heart. I ignore them, scale up my faith a bit higher and move forward. But each time it happens again, those questions keep knocking on the door of my heart, yearning for answers.

Let me chip this in:
Religion can be really tiring. When people tell you what to do and what not, what to think, what to say, how to feel and how to relate with God. Trust me, it can be choky, because all you want is just to have a relationship with your loving father. It’s more choky and hurts worse when that moment you want to relate with God most, He seems silent, or you seem deaf. These are moments you begin to search for scriptures, you read them, believe them, but you’re scared to ask those questions. “If God says this, then why did that happen?”

I think I’ll just resort to doing what I’ve always done; scaling up my faith. A friend wrote something that struck me. He said; “Challenges take men farther away from God; challenges draw men to God. Choose where you belong”. It could be really painful to still draw near to God in times like this, especially when you’re left clueless, but I think I’d rather choose to be drawn closer to God.
I can boldly say this because of the foundation I have in Christ.

When a man builds a house on a faulty foundation and terrible storms come, the whole house might collapse and he might start thinking of how to start from point 0 (that’s if he would consider starting again. Some people get discouraged and remain at point 0). We’d compare it to a man that has a solid foundation. A terrible storm can damage some things in the house and he might have to painstakingly take out money for repairs, but his house would still be standing. Either way, whether solid or faulty foundations, storms still come and we’d definitely feel the impact of them, it just depends on your foundation.

So, is your foundation in Christ solid or faulty? The Bible says that if we fail in the days of adversities, our strength is little. I’d paraphrase mine to “If we collapse in our stormy days, our foundation is faulty”. Storms aren’t sweet for anyone, but we determine whether we collapse or whether we only go through a period of “painful repairs”.

I really love to reassure myself of God’s goodness or kindness because that is the only way I can remain sane. My physical body might reject “All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose” and shed uncontrollable tears, but my spirit man, standing on a foundation greater than my pain, has accepted it.

What foundation is your life built on? Do you have a solid relationship with God or did your pastor sell a piece of his to you? Whether you choose to accept or not, storms will come.

It was painful writing this, but it gave me peace. I hope it gives you peace too and calls you to action.

God loves us.

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5 thoughts on “Storms will come”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It has indeed given me peace

    Challenges will always come. The storms of life will always come.

    I do tell people that if your foundation is faulty, don’t expect to build a skyscraper with that faulty foundation. You can only build a one room apartment.

    The foundation is the basis of our relationship with God.

    And the best way to build our foundation is through prayer and faith in the doctrine of the word of God.

    Remember that Jesus told us that challenges will come to us because we choose to follow him.

    But he promised you and I

    He said we should be of good cheers for He has overcome the world.

    Remember that greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world.

    Our reward is in heaven ❤️❤️

    Nice article. I recently lost my Uncle also. He was the commissioner that died in oyo state last month (Kehinde Ayoola) Things have been hard. But I take peace in the body of Christ.

    Let’s perseveres little longer. God will not ignore the needs of his children.🙏🙏

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