That worthless substitution

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– November 26, 2017

Tosin was calling again. Oh God! She needed to go before he got angry.

“…….so, when you get to your room, sit down and make that list. A list will make everything much more organized and functional. Don’t forget o! Our environment is in a big mess, it needs to be cleaned asap! We have a lot of guest ministers coming this month, a more reason why that list must be ready by the end of this week.”

Oluchi kept tapping her left foot in impatience. Why can’t he ever talk straight forwardly? Urgh!

“Bro Gbenga!!!!!!….”

“Yes!!!! Erm, Sister Oluchi, See you on Thursday joor. Don’t forget o!”

“Ok sir” Oluchi nodded slightly

Phew! She needed to get outta here before anyone calls her again. Tosin would be ready to eat her alive. Too many responsibilities. She signed and rolled her eyes.


“Babe, I’m so sorry” She ran her hand through her hair. “I can clearly see you’re angry. It’s Bro Gbenga, he didn’t let me leave on time. I’m sorry”

“Don’t you think you’re too involved in church? I mean, every time it’s bro this or bro that, or this meeting or that meeting. At least, a little time for yourself, for me, for us to spend time together.”

“Tosin, I don’t think I want to have this discussion right now. Okay? Let’s go”

There was light at Tosin’s place, Thank God! She was going to charge her phone and probably do some other stuff before she would finally sleep. Gosh! She was extremely tired. She heard someone laughing at her schedule. Probably the devil, the father of all deception, making her wallow in self deceit. Tosin got something for them to eat. They had finished eating and it was time to sleep.

Tosin put off the light.

Oluchi’s heart began beating. They slept in their normal position, they cuddled. She knew quite well he wasn’t sleeping. Does he ever sleep? She waited………..

Tosin tugged her closer and played with her hair. He later turned her around

“I missed you” He smiled and kissed her. “What’s wrong b?”


“I don’t know. I just feel something is up. I mean, you didn’t even return my kiss” He stroked her chin, “Don’t you want to talk?”

Oluchi swallowed hard. Whenever this topic came up, it always led to a fight and she wasn’t ready to fight this night. She closed her eyes and sighed.


“Okay. See the thing. The thing is…is…is that….. I mean, we’ve had this discussion before Tosin. I’m not comfortable with the fact that I’m not sexually pure. I want…..”

“Baby, like you said, we’ve had this discussion before. We are not committing sexual immorality. Like I said, it’s sex that’s the fornication, and I’ve promised you already babe, no sex”

“You don’t understand b. I’m not at peace. I feel God isn’t happy with the whole thing”

“Oh, yeah, right! I’m the sinner that’s not making God happy with us. I get”

“Oh my God Tosin, I never said that. I knew it was going to get to this!”

‘’See ehn! I honestly don’t have strength for this argument this night.” He flipped himself over to the other side. “Goodnight. I’m giving you space to be sexually pure oh! I even think one of us would eventually have to give each other up. We can’t be together like this. I can’t be a relationship without all these. At least appreciate I’m not even asking for sex.’’

Oluchi turned to her own side and let the tears come. She didn’t want to lose him; she loved him, but what about her and God?

Oluchi smiled

“That’s how it always went. Whenever the topic about immorality came up; we’d always end up fighting. I thought we loved each other, I mean; we always talked about the future. I was scared of losing him, even though I knew my relationship with God was at stake. Meanwhile, it was all lust. When I came out, I figured it was all waste of time. It even drained my relationship with God. Hmmm, there’s really time for everything”

“Wow! This is exactly the situation in my relationship ma. How did you break up with him” Grace smiled sheepishly

“My dear, that’s story for another day. God pulled me out”. “After the whole experience, I made the great decision of abstinence and I want you to do so too. You see, we can’t please God if we allow our fleshy desires control us. All these things have a predestined time, wait for it. Waiting doesn’t kill; it even makes it more precious. And it is God’s will that we flee from sexual immorality. I would quote one of my best scriptures”

“Ok ma”

“1 Thessalonians 4:3-5, God’s will is for you to be holy, so stay away from all sexual sin. Then each of you will control his body and live in holiness and honour- not in lustful passion like the pagans who do not know God and His ways”.  Oluchi paused. “So, that your impure relationship, God isn’t happy with it. Do away with it. Whenever things like this happens, it’s the devil trying to get at our relationship with God, and we shouldn’t let him. At this age, you should focus on serving God and giving him your best. Don’t replace God with something that is worthless, just because you want to satisfy your fleshy desires”.

“Thanks a lot ma”

“God bless you dear”

This write-up is dedicated to PVO aka Pastor Victor Olukoju. Happy birthday Sir. God recognizes your efforts and has blessings for you, more than you can imagine. Thank you for reaching out to us.




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