The Resurrection and The Life

Many of us are struggling to live our lives because we’ve not yet embraced the life that Christ has given to us. Jesus Christ came so that we would have abundant and unlimited life [John 10:10]. You might actually be walking dead, that’s why things are extremely hard and explainable, because you have only accepted that He died for you, you haven’t accepted to live the life He has set before you. His resurrection from death broke every set law of sin, bondage and death. That resurrection came with a certain power that Paul said was available to us as God’s children. Remember it is only those who receive Him that are given this power to be called the Sons of God. Our acceptance of this life will break every chain of sin, addition, depression and bondage we experience. So maybe you should ask yourself whether you’ve actually received His life, His Spirit. This Spirit, as said in the Bible, will guide us into all truth. Remember He is the Way, Truth and the Life[John 14:6]. The Spirit is come to guide us into Jesus himself. Paul said in Romans 8, that it is those that are led by the Spirit that are the true Sons of God. You can’t live Christ’s life without His Spirit, the Life. I think every resurrection Sunday should remind us that Jesus didn’t just come to die, but to give us a blameless life, a life without sin, to live in.

Forgiveness is important, but let’s not forget that God kept on forgiving the people of Israel, who in turn, would still go back and commit the same series of sin repeatedly. The phrase, “Go and sin no more” was more about a law that couldn’t be followed. But now, Jesus Christ has extended that phrase to, “Go and sin no more, not because you have the power to set yourself free from the bondage of sin, because I have come to die with your sinful nature, to put an end to that bondage and give you life in which you can exercise freedom from sin. Abide in me, if you really want to exercise this freedom. Your union with me should be for all seasons, remember that you’re powerless without me. I love you, and I’m tired of certain barriers that hinder us from expressing ourselves to each other, that’s why I’ve made this costly sacrifice, to break all these barriers”. So, Jesus is not saying you should sin no more because you know how to, you don’t. He is saying you should sin no more because He has given you the grace to live free, he has given you His life, which is spotless and without blame, and He has given you His Spirit to guide you into the life.

Trust me, living Christ’s life is not tasking, it is infact enjoyable. Embrace His life today. Let Him take the wheel

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