To every middle class citizen:

Every society is supposed to have the upper class, middle class (in this case, the working and middle class) and lower class.
The rich (elite) are able to control the lower class because the individuals in the lower class don’t think twice about exchanging their voices and choices for money. Of course, they need the money.

Looking at the Nigerian society today, can we really say the middle class is still recognized? Well, in my opinion, I’d say the middle class of today is made up of rich people, who aren’t as rich as the upper class.

So, where does that leave the average people? I mean people that aren’t rich nor poor?
It started a long time ago, but the rate at which it’s going is like an asteroid flying in space.
People who should be living averagely, who aren’t classified as poor will still go online to beg.
A little giveaway will steal their voices.

Why is this happening? It is really disheartening.
Maybe because the middle class wasn’t really the middle class.
This faux middle class has people that are struggling and I wouldn’t entirely blame them. The economy has contributed to the suffering of the people.

People in the upper class feel free to do whatever they want, even when it’s wrong because they know there are no longer voices. The upper class manipulates; the middle class is struggling and lower class has no voice.

So who is left to call them out? The middle class? The same ones that are loosing their voices? The ones who feel their reputation is on the line would share money to have their sins washed away and the others don’t care because they’ve attained a certain level of influence that your weakened voices wouldn’t affect; take the Nigerian Government for example.

Perhaps you’re brave enough to speak up, some else will “ask you if you can say it to their faces”. Why not? Why would someone think I wouldn’t be able to say it to their faces? Oh! I forgot that a greater percentage of the middle class feels anyone in the upper class is an automatic solution to their problem. “May God not allow me to drag my helper”. Your helper? So, because these people have money, they shouldn’t be told the truth because of 5 thousand naira giveaway they’d do tomorrow to seal your mouth. Is 5k the solution to your problem?.

Let’s not even talk about those that will blindly support wrong people because they gain from their pockets.

Little wonder some of have called us beggers. They suddenly feel their money has given them that right. Some of them say we’re suffering, but aren’t we?

Ask yourself if there is still a middle class in the Nigerian society.
My heart bleeds for the situation of Nigeria and I sincerely want to make it stop, because I doubt it’s worth it.
Just open Twitter and see the amount of people begging for money, even when the tweet isn’t about money.
Even some people who don’t need the money are begging because we’ve gotten to the point where people feel it’s the norm to beg.

Are we still parading ourselves as ‘well to do’, meanwhile we’d still beg for money online? Do we still have our voices? Can we still use them? Or have they been bought with money?

Do we still have the middle class? Or have we already migrated to the lower class and are too deluded to see it, hence the fauxism?

These are times we have to recover every value we’ve lost. Many people don’t even believe in themselves any longer, so they don’t hold themselves in high esteem. The trend now, is to feel entitled to a rich person’s money. This has to be fixed if we want to move forward.

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9 thoughts on “To every middle class citizen:”

  1. Wow! This has a lot in it. I had to read it like two times to fetch out words from it (laughing out loud, not that loud though because people are trying to sleep here)

    It’s a pity really, to see the nation moving the way it is.

    Yeah! About speaking out, I believe there are people out there who can stand out and speak but the thing is it really take someone who is ready to bear the consequences. Consequences like being disown by family members and friends.

    You know, this is a thing that needs to be done by a collection of people with same voice but when we have majority who are not ready to “support” and bear the consequences but prefer to enjoy the little offerings they get, and remain safe, to aleast beg for another day, the ones who are ready relent and loose the zeal to speak or make a move.

    Now, lets look at the likes of this famous singer, the one that sings shirtless (don’t want to mention names), from the stories I was told, he was fearless, and so many times, he has been behind the bars and this didn’t stop him from speaking. He bore the consequences which yes, so many who could have done that didn’t do. They were scared.

    I think it’s getting to much, I will just stop here. I hope I haven’t gone out of context.

    Just to conclude, I believe, we still have the middle class and a way we can fix this is if every individual speak out in whatever space they find themselves no matter how small it is. Before we know it, it begins to spread and boom! It becomes loud.

    Also, every individual should look within and were themselves valuable.

    Let me come and be going! (Big grin)

    But I must say this, this is a beautiful piece (clapping)

    1. Wow
      This is a beautiful comment. Thank you
      I understand what you’re saying. I remember this time we had an issue in my department in school then. A lot of people complained, but when the class representative announced that the departmental lectures were setting up a panel and needed us to bring our complaints to them, everyone ran away. It was really funny
      Looking at it from their perspectives, who really wanted to fail?😂. The lecturers didn’t say it, but the students automatically felt that going to that panel would affect their results, so they weren’t ready to bear the “consequences”. Indirectly, they were exchanging their voices for “good results”.
      I need to be reminded, isn’t a good result earned by your performance? But that’s another flaw we need to address: lecturers tweaking results unfairly.
      We need big help in this country. Our mentality is so flawed!

      Asides voicing out in groups, I also feel individual citizens can use their voices through the right channels, instead of keeping mute.

  2. That odd negro

    Country hard 😂
    Nur vex if you see me put account number under twitter giveaway.
    The average Nigerian lost his voice a long time ago…
    And it doesn’t help when we see what happens to those who still try to force out their voice.

    1. So you would rather be voiceless?

      The truth is, voicing out comes with consequences, whether you like them or not.
      But the real question is: is that thing you got in exchange for your voice: money, good grades, etc; worth it?

      Try to observe those who voiced out Vs those who didn’t
      Which group is more successful?
      Is it the money that you would still spend that would beat the impact you make with your voice?

  3. 😂 of course, no one wants to fail. That’s one mentality that needs to be worked on.
    It reminds me of a time we had similar case in our department too.
    We were graduating, so one of the lab attendance called out everyone. He is a nice man. He wanted everyone to pour out thier minds regarding any issue about the department.
    Everyone came out and said nice things and that was all. Then, I was like but you guys would always complain about the lecturers not taking us on practicals and all. How come no one is speaking now?(it was all said in my mind).
    Then, it was my turn and I spoke my mind about our practicals and scheme of work as a whole. Don’t get it twisted, there were nice things I said about the department too.
    At first, when I started, my colleagues exclaimed and we’re sorry for me. I could see it on thier faces. As I continued, all of a sudden, they began to nod in support of everything I was saying and at the end of the day, nothing happened. I had no issues with anyone.
    One other way I believe an individual can voice out is through what they do.
    A musician, voice out with your music.
    Are you a writer, voice out through your write-ups. Are you a designer, voice out via your designs.
    I rest my case.
    Qudos to you jare, Introtalk.

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