Triggered by Women Empowerment?

I have always had it in mind to write about how how ridiculous it is that the society is triggered by Women Empowerment. However; I wanted to convey my message in the most appropriate and relatable way. I think now is the right time.

Have you noticed how much the society is triggered by the concept of Women Empowerment? People make complaints and grumble when we talk about giving women opportunities and empowering women in different sectors.

Firstly, your approach is met with “Whataboutism”. You’ll see comments like “Are you trying to tell me that men aren’t as important?”, “and I thought this was supposed to be by merit”, “But men go through these issues too; you don’t see us crying for attention”, “Oh, it’s a woman’s world now”. Secondly, your approach is met with mockery. Your approach is mocked by people. They start saying how women are their worst enemies and how they’ve brought each other down over the years.

[Side Note: I want to tell you that Women Empowerment doesn’t mean you have to agree with ALL women. Women are human beings and humans often fight with each other. It’s quite hypocritical that people complain about how certain women have focused on fighting men and have formed cliques within themselves where they “always” support each other; and the moment they disagree with each other, the same people complain and say “women supporting women is a scam”. Pray tell, how do you connect the two? Why complain that people do certain things and then go ahead to complain when they don’t?]

So my question is; what is wrong if people decide to empower women? Since this empowerment is not done at the expense of men; why exactly does it trigger people?

Now, I chose to write this today because I have benefited massively from Women Empowerment organisations and I sat to think about why people are against it. For instance, I’ve taken courses, webinars, learnt skills, networked and attended conferences organised by people who said; “Oh! Let’s do this for the ladies. Let’s address issues they face”. Why should that be a problem? [Funny enough, in one of the webinars I attended, I recognized the name of a guy I knew. I just laughed. Wetin concern him? Baba just wanted to learn.]

If as a guy, you feel the talk on Women Empowerment is too much; that everyone is focusing on the women and leaving the men out; this is the time to start something. Instead of being triggered to express negative emotions, thoughts and words; be triggered to make a difference to the male folk. Women are enjoying these benefits because certain people decided to take the first step.

So think about it! Isn’t that logical enough? Why do you think women have to shut up about their struggles because you have decided to shut up?

If you’re a male and you’re looking for ideas on reaching out to men, helping with their struggles and empowering them; I would love to share some with you. You can send an email through my contact page, right on the menu above.

I really hope we can do everything to stop this gender hate peddling in our society. It’s too toxic. We all need peace.

Women Empowerment

I wish you all the best. Of course, you can share your thoughts in the comments section (both in agreement and disagreement). They’re all appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “Triggered by Women Empowerment?”

  1. Well, I feel people are triggered because of the general perception the society has about women. People (especially men….not all men though) feel that women are to be se en and not to be heard. This perception had really caused controversies amongst men and women.

    I feel women are actually to be seen and to be heard and therefore, women empowerment is actually a must. The only problem with this is that a lot of women don’t have the ability to put ego under check. It takes a woman with high level of maturity to be able to combine knowledge and skills acquired through empowerment with humility.

    In conclusion, the need for women empowerment cannot be overemphasized. It’s gives the society a better look and also boosts a woman’s self esteem.

    1. Hmmmm
      Loaded comment๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
      On the issue of ego, it is not limited to women. It takes EVERYONE with a high level of maturity to be humble.

      Thank you very much

  2. Me personally, I believe the world have dragged this gender focused argument for too long already and no gender has won or is winning or will evn win. Everyone has ego, Everyone deserves a chance but there no fairness or equality in the reality of this life we’ve come to know. We just have to work our way through to the top, the opportunities are there but they can still be lost. While some wait for opportunities others create, I have wash my hands from anything that will cause gender argument, if there’s a problem I can engage to solve but unprofitable talks I Dodge.

  3. Speaking based on what I’ve seen and heard, many people are triggered when women empowerment is pushed using the narrative that women are at a disadvantage purely because of their gender, especially in areas that are mostly male dominated…. These areas are usually male dominated because more capable males are present… Ion think I need to give examples of those… In the end, Ion think women empowerment in itself triggers people, I think what really triggers people is the narrative that men are an automatic advantage just by being men, and hence women need an added advantage to ‘level up’ with them…

  4. This really is a sensitive topic. I am a guy who is blessed with four women from the home I come from (my mom and three sisters). I love them, I really do. I don’t have the power to change the negative perspective of a lot of people (men and women alike) towards the female gender but all I can do is make sure that the good they (my girls) do doesn’t go unappreciated. A thank you really goes a long way. I try to encourage them to be the best version of themselves and make them aware of the lies that society has told women for generations. To me women empowerment means breaking free from gender norms and stereotypes through formal and informal education. You can’t tell me that my girls don’t matter

    1. I love youuuuuuuuu
      This comment is so refreshing.
      There is really a lot of backlash towards “breaking free from gender norms and stereotypes”. I’m glad we have people like you who is humble enough to accept the truth.

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