What’s right with it?

This is probably going to give you a sneak peek of the funny and weird things that go on in my mind. Some months ago, I posted a picture on my WhatsApp status. It was really nice, my clothes, hair and all. People started sending nice compliments, then, there was someone that just pointed out something; I can’t really remember, I think it was something about my hair or shoe or clothes, and I was going to ask, “What’s wrong with it?”. That was the default question that came to mind. Let’s assume he was talking about my hair. I mean, my hair was really nice, so asking what was wrong was kinda somehow🙄.

I started thinking; must something always be wrong? Why do we think that something must be wrong in whatever we do, say or wear and expect negative feedback? So I decided that instead of asking what was wrong, I’d just ask him what was right about it. I mean, if there’s something wrong, then there should be something right. The question seemed really funny but I just laughed it off.

In some of my previous blog posts, I’ve talked about how we should focus more on positive aspects than negative aspects. So, in this scenario, it did not cross my mind that he would want to give me a positive compliment, probably because he just said, “Hmmm, your hair…”.

And you know, that is what happens in our life. Someone meets us and says, “This your friend…”, and you’re like “What’s wrong with her or him”. That is how we’ve been wired to think — to always expect negative feedback. I personally think that when our minds are more focused on the positives, we would be able to take criticisms in a better way, but if we are more focused on the negative things people have to say, it might make us feel really bad like, “I said it! I knew there was something wrong with it”.

Recently, we had a program in my church; our National Convention, and one of the Ministers said something that hasn’t left my mind. He said we always declare Psalm 23 into our lives, “God has prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies”, but if God actually prepares that table, would we sit down to eat or would we get worried that those enemies are whispering around the table, thinking about what they have to say or not?

As you go on in life, enjoy the table that God has prepared for you. Be free, be happy. Don’t always think that there is something wrong with you. Imagine you’re on that table with enemies present and they are whispering, the first thing that’ll come to your mind is, “Oh God, what have I done wrong again? Why are they talking about me again?, which would hinder you from enjoying God’s blessings.

Also, when making comments at people, before you look at the wrong things, ask yourself, “What’s right about his/her clothes? What’s right about so so so? You know, say something nice before you decide to point out what is wrong. Have a nice week. Ciao😘

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