Who are you?

You’re a young and imperfect individual who hasn’t completely found life’s bearing yet! And that’s the truth.

But does that mean you can’t give back to life now? Many of us have been in situations where we try to give our 2 cents to life and someone comes with the “Who are you?” “What do you know?” “What experience do you have?” questions. That can be really discouraging.

So I was thinking, not matter how young you are; 18, 20, 25 years old, you aren’t void of experiences or knowledge to help someone with. Most times when young people try to give their opinions, they get silenced by older people. “What do you know? We’ve been down this road and we certainly know more than you do”. The truth is, they’re actually not wrong; they know more than we do.

Trying to be objective, I’d say that sometimes, they don’t mean to sound the way they do; condescending. They might want to be of help, but we have to understand that teaching someone doesn’t mean shunning the person’s opinions.

As a young person, you’d meet a lot of people that’ll ask you the “who are you?” question; whether young or old. 

“Coach? Haha, what’s he coaching?”

“When we were your age, this was the same kind of zeal we had. Now, we just sit and laugh at those times. Don’t worry, you’d get over it.”

“What does she know about relationships though? She hasn’t even seen life. Lol”

“He’s hosting marriage seminars. How many children has he had? Just 2!”

“What does this 18year old know about life and depression?”

All these might be true. You might be 18years old and clueless about life. You might be recently married with just 2 kids, but you’ve had experiences, right? As long as whatever you say is a fact, you shouldn’t be discouraged and pressured into keeping mute.

You’d definitely get this kind of remarks, even from people close to you, but understand that you’re never too young to be a light!!!

You want to wait till 30? You’d still get remarks from 50 year olds

You want to wait till 50; till you celebrate silver jubilee in marriage? You’d still get remarks from 70 year olds who have celebrated golden jubilee in marriage.

You want to wait till 70? 70??! Oh well, you’d definitely not have the vibes anymore and you’d have wasted 70 years of opportunities to be a light to your generation.

You can proceed to write that book, organize that program, record that song, host that seminar, release that podcast, coach or mentor that person and don’t let anyone discourage you.

There’s no age requirement to be a light.

To cap it up, our ever wise King Solomon had something to say about it:

[So remember your Creator while you are still young, before those dismal days and years come when you will say, “I don’t enjoy life.” (Ecclesiastes 12:1)]

So my question still stands; Who are you? What defines you? What do you stand for? What’s your identity? How can you use all these to influence people positivity?

It’s a new month; let’s give back to life; let’s SHINE!

Happy New Month People


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