Word For Wednesday: Love yourself despite the flaws

I don’t know how many times I’ve been on this “flaws” chapter, but it’s quite important because it affects our very actions. So, last week I was down with the self-judging thingy again.
“Why can’t I just be like this person? Why am I like this? This is what makes people not like me”. Amidst all these thoughts, God asked me a question; “When you decide to compare yourself to other people, do you also look at their flaws?”. Mehn, that hit me. We tend to compare our bad sides with other people’s good sides and begin to judge ourselves.
Flaws are normal. What matters is working on yourself to be a better person. Everyone cannot hate you. Despite your flaws, you’d still realise that there are people who still love to be around you.
Remember God loves you.
This isn’t a time to hate yourself. It is a time to love yourself enough to work on yourself.
You’re still human. You have flaws. Love yourself regardless.


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