You don’t always have to fight

I listened to a message by someone I respect so much and I’m here to share an inspiration I received with you; that you don’t always have to fight. 

As Christians, even with the several gifts and advantages we enjoy in Christ, we would still have struggles.
Some of these struggles would be with envious people who are hellbent on frustrating your efforts and rubbishing your work. You don’t always have to fight. These are people who have no shame and have been in and even dwell in the dirt, so they don’t care if they drag you into the dirt. For you who’s trying to live a careful, dirtless and blameless life, you shouldn’t let them drag you down.

Let’s see how Issac dealt with this:

Isaac’s servants dug a well in the valley and found water. The shepherds of Gerar quarreled with Isaac’s shepherds and said, “This water belongs to us.” So Isaac named the well “Quarrel.” Isaac’s servants dug another well, and there was a quarrel about that one also, so he named it “Enmity.” He moved away from there and dug another well. There was no dispute about this one, so he named it “Freedom.” He said, “Now the Lord has given us freedom to live in the land, and we will be prosperous here.” Genesis 26:19‭-‬22 GNT

Notice the texts in bold. These people were envious about Isaac’s success in their land and sent him away. He moved away and looked for means to survive and they came back to fight him. Twice!
So I’m wondering, why didn’t Isaac fight? These people were willing to get dirty; they were liars. How can you claim something that doesn’t belong to you? Something you didn’t work for? That’s to show you how far they were willing to go. Isaac had every right to fight, but he wasn’t willing to get dirty with them, so he moved until there was no dispute.

We would learn from Isaac’s confidence

I wonder too, what gave Isaac the confidence to name that 3rd well “Freedom”. What if those shepherds had come back later on to fight over it again?
You guessed right—His confidence in God.
Isaac said, “Now the Lord has given us freedom to live in the land, and we will be prosperous here.”. He didn’t care that he was being chased around and fought with; he held on to God’s promises. This same God had prospered him wherever he went, so why would he stop all of a sudden?

Dear Christian,

I want you to say these words out “Now the Lord has given [insert your name] freedom to live in the land, and I will be prosperous here.”

Some of us give up because of one or two struggles (It might be career, school, marriage, business, relationship, religious, societal). Others allow people to drag them into the dirt. I want you to put your focus in the God that promised to prosper you and press on.

Also remember that if you give up or get dragged into the dirt, you might never get to your well of freedom and prosperity until you decide to get up and continue moving.

I pray for grace and strength to continue moving

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8 thoughts on “You don’t always have to fight”

  1. Adetunji Oluwatobi

    Amen… Isaac persistence and confidence in God should be our focus in funny life experiences and relationship with other humans

  2. You really can’t stress how difficult it is to dig a well especially back then when they didn’t have refined tools like metal shovels and spades like we do now. It took 15 men 90 days to dig a well back then so you can imagine how long it took them to get the third well. That must have taken some big amounts of confidence in God ooo. Isaac’s confidence in God is on another level.

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