You have access to all of God’s stuff

We had this conference a while ago and while the organisers were arranging general accommodation for the guys and ladies, I had my own room; big, comfortable room.

My very good friend, Seyi, was going to be around for the conference and I was extremely happy and waiting for her to arrive. I expected her to take advantage of the space I had. After the first session, they started allocating the accommodation to the attendees, so I went looking for my friend. I saw her standing where the allocation was taking place and I frowned a little, dragged her bag and asked her to follow me to my room.

She was like; “Ha, Iyun, I hope they wouldn’t complain o” 
“Complain about what?” I rolled my eyes; a tad bit disgusted.

We got to my room and boom, met another one of my friends there. Faith had come from a different location. She was my good friend, but not as close as Seyi. We had met earlier; spoke a few, but she didn’t even ask about my room or say she was coming to sleep with me.

Apparently, she knew I had my own space. So, instead of squeezing herself amongst hundreds of other ladies, she decided to take the comfortable option.

When I saw Faith, I didn’t even question her or say anything, and since there was enough space for everyone, I decided that three of us could just sleep in my room comfortably. Infact, I just pretended that was the arrangement from beginning. Deep inside me, I was impressed. I gave Faith an inner affirmative nod “Smart girl!” She just took advantage of the friendship— something I wanted/expected Seyi to do.

When Seyi told me she was going to be around, I was already imagining how we were going to catch up on happenings in our lives and “gist away” into midnight. When I had to go drag her, truth be told, I was kind of unimpressed.

I also didn’t want to excuse Seyi’s shyness. Situations like this don’t recognize shyness. Well, Faith inspired me. Invited or not, she knew and understood the magnitude of the access she had in that conference and utilized it. It’s not everytime you get someone dragging you to utilize your access. I just took an extra step for my closeness to Seyi.

Think about the numerous times you’ve refused to utilize your access to God and/or the benefits that come with being a Son. It could be lack of knowledge, you thinking you’re not worthy, or thinking about how people will police you. Why? Imagine that Jesus began to shiver and have second thoughts just because the Teachers of the Religious Law criticized Him for saying He was the Son of God.

Just like me in this scenario, God craves to have fellowship with us and give us whatever we need, that’s why He kept taking the extra step to reconcile us to himself (dragging us back). Some of us even pray like we’re rags, when the Bible says He sees Christ in us. God loves us scatterrr!! We have been justified!! Are you going to stroll boldly to the Throne of Grace to meet Papa or you’re going to, just like the Gentile woman, settle for the crumbs that fall off the table?

So you have access to your Father (Abba) and His ‘stuff’ (which is everything that there is). Who are you going to be Seyi or Faith?

[So then, since we have a great High Priest who has entered heaven, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to what we believe. So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.]
Hebrews 4:14‭, ‬16 NLT

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