Your Perspective, Your Life

I got an inspiration last week from the burglary that was fixed by our kitchen door.
I was inside the kitchen, preparing dinner when my sisters started playing with the burglary. After so much play, they locked it. I looked at it, felt locked. I went ahead to rest on the burglary. “Mehn, they look like prison bars” I thought. But then, I moved back to the middle of the kitchen, at that time, they were resting on the burglary, talking to themselves.
I noticed something. I wasn’t looking like I was the one behind bars anymore, they were. It felt like they were in prison and I came to visit. I saw them putting their fingers around the bars and trying to put their heads through the spaces.
Then it hit me. I saw something different when I looked at the situation from a different “perspective”.
Your life is being played out from your perspective. Nobody is supposed to play out your life for you. If you choose to see yourself as a victor, then you’re one. If you choose to see yourself as the victim, then you’re one. Nobody is making you either. Remember I said “your” life, so the decisions and conclusions are supposed to be yours too.
Imagine when there are two men in the same financial situation. One of them is not contented with what he has, I mean, he wants to ride on millions. So, he feels poor and inferior around his rich friends.
The second guy eats three square meals with his family, pays his children’s fees and wears “Ok” clothes. But he’s satisfied, happy and doesn’t feel inferior around anyone.
This is the work of perspective. The first man will struggle all his life and continue making statements like, “Why is life so hard? Why is this world wicked?”, till he dies, without being content. The second will live peaceful and even live longer.
It’s very unfortunate that many of us live our lives according to people’s perspectives.
My sisters could’ve said, “Haha, we locked you in the kitchen, so now, you’re locked away from every other part of the house”, and I’d live every moment in that kitchen feeling locked up.
Alternatively, I could’ve said, “No, you’re the one that’s been locked away from the kitchen. You can’t even see me anymore”, and I’d live every moment in that kitchen feeling free and pitying them.
I would have launched into another talk about stereotypes, but that’s a topic for another day.
Let’s learn to listen to ourselves above people.
Your perspective, your life.
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