You’re not good because others are good.

“Hey Iyun, we’ve not seen any blog post from you for a while now.”

Yes, I apologize for that. Let me just summarize it to my inability to maximally manage stress.

I’m posting today, not because I’ve found a way to manage it or I’m suddenly out of stress, but because I realized that the month had come to an end without me uploading any post, so I decided to post something short; something I’ve always wanted to post since my last post.

You’re not (or should not be) good because others are good. I see a lot of people deciding to drop their good sides because people are no longer “good”. We jokingly say “Good girl/guy no dey pay o” (Being a good girl/guy doesn’t pay).

The system is corrupt, so we’re advised to drop our good sides to be able to survive. I’m amazed when people ask; “If you were in his shoes, would you do any differently?” Of course I would! Not everyone is made to dance to the direction of the wind.

Some people who decide to remain good are feeling somewhat cheated because they get the same result, or even less than what those who are “no longer good” get.

Please, understand that your being good isn’t reciprocal. It could be in many scenarios, but it isn’t primarily reciprocal. Be good because you want to be, not because others are. Some people even threaten to “stop being good” because more than half of the people around them are no longer good. (Isn’t that funny?)

Be good in a corrupt world. Be kind when everyone around you has decided to be rude and unkind. Don’t decide to change because someone has changed. If you decide to change, let it be because you want to. In essence, be you. Don’t be someone who dances to the direction of the wind.

I know February was stressful for us all, but I hope you still found bits and pieces to enjoy it. We hope for a better month in March. Have a nice life❤

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